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Xmas presents and where to hide them: A fun guide

Finally she can unpack her presents

Christmas is just around the corner. Are you yet to decide the secret places where you could hide the gifts for your kids? Lovely! No, it is not your problem which is lovely, but the thought of making this Christmas a memorable day for your kids sounds lovely.       

When you have already thought of becoming a Santa for your kids then no problem could stop that beautiful thought. Christmas never comes alone; it comes with cherishing smiles, scented air, Xmas presents, and hope of Santa’s arrival.    

To accomplish the anticipation of kids for Santa’s arrival, you must need to think about finding some secretive places where you could hide Xmas presents. Allow us to help you out in finding some in-house places that you could transform into hiding places.


This is the most favorite place where Santa could possibly hide a beautiful gift for your kid. This particular place might sound ordinary but it is up to you on how to make it interesting. Think about it!


You can hide a beautiful gift under your kid’s bed or under the pillow. This might be the first place from where they will start their search operation of the Xmas gift. But it’s a task for you ‘How you will hide that gift into their bed’ so that it becomes an interesting task for them as well.  

Into the Tree

Well, this is another interesting way to hide your kid’s present into a Xmas tree. It will be more demanding and challenging for kids to find a present from a heavily decorated and lightened Xmas tree.  Hence, it will be more fun.

Under the sofa or fireplace

Yes! These are quite interesting places where you could put the presents this Christmas. These places count for some of the most secretive places and you can surely use them.     

Into their toy boxes and closets

They will hardly think of these places! And this is what will make it interesting for them to discover their presents hidden there.

Ideas for Small Gifts

You might already have decided what you are going to gift to your kids this Christmas. But, can we suggest something? Well, you could gift something special like their first piece of artwork with some improvement. You could get a printed version of their artwork. For more information on how to do that, please visit  

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