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Valentine’s is not only for Grown ups!

Valentines day. Red hearts on wooden background

Valentine’s week is all about celebrating love. As you know, it comes in the month of February every year and brings love, romance, and celebrations with it. We know valentine’s week is going on and most of the adults are eager to know how to make their valentine’s week more special and memorable.

As parents, have you ever thought about how to make your kids’ valentine’s special? If you haven’t, let’s think about it. We believe that this week is only for adults or grownups. But, you should involve your kids too into this. There are ways to make this week as special as it for you. Wondering what we are talking about? It’s simple; we are talking to involve your kid’s creativity into love.

Kidzartistry has come up with some new ideas to help you make your kids’ valentine memorable. Here are top three points which will suggest you how to merge your kid’s world with the valentine’s week.  

Here we go:

Kid-made valentine’s cards:

As parents or teachers, this is your responsibility to promote kids’ art whenever you get any chance to. Encourage them to make special valentine’s cards. Get them crafting and drawing supplies and let them use their creativeness.

Kids are very creative; they find new ideas to utilize craft papers. They can make craft paper strawberries and can paint a postcard and give to mom and dad.

Cute craft garland ideas:

Teach them how to make their own decors.  Ask them to join you in the decoration process. Buy burlap and red paper from the market. Use that red paper to make hearts. Then make garlands with burlap and red paper hearts.

Get to know your kids’ perspective, what they actually want.

Ask them where they will give them or decorate the house with them.

They will really appreciate your concern. It will encourage them and also build their self-confidence.  

Handmade paper flowers:

Rather than buying flowers from the market let them make their own. Provide them all the supplies they need to make one and let them think on their own feet. There can be nothing better than to finger paint lovely flowers.

Those are some valentine’s tips for your kids. Encourage them to enhance their creativity through their imagination. To know more about similar useful ideas, do visit

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