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Teach your children to be thankful this thanksgiving

Kids holding colored paper on table in kindergarten

Kids are believed to be the innocent creation yet most curious minds full of questions. Kids always demand an answer for all types of questions. They also believe whatever stories or facts you tell them. That’s why there is a famous saying, “let your kid learn the good manners from the early age” because this helps them in future in becoming responsible upstanding citizens and humans.

Being thankful is very important as it represents a positive approach towards life. And one must be aware of the ethical values of saying thank you. So, in which way are you going to help your kid learn the simple manners of being thankful? Well, a number of ways are here.  

One way in which you can teach your kids to be more thankful is by involving them into the favorite family function i.e. Thanksgiving ceremony that every home celebrates. This holiday provides the perfect opportunity for people to practice gratitude and become closer to each other. This family function is a creative way to make your kids understand the value of thankfulness and gratitude.  

Let’s learn the prominent steps thanksgiving ceremony;

A thanksgiving ceremony includes family dinner where all the members gather around. Through this way, a kid gets to learn different opinions of different people and also learns a number of good deeds through sharing positive thoughts, stories, and gifts.

Kids used to make different craft works based on their liking and disliking and show their gratitude towards their loved ones. Through art and craft, kids learn the real meaning of thanksgiving.

What are the different ways that you could suggest your kids to implement this thanksgiving eve?

  1. You could suggest them to bring their favorite printed artworks from to the family function and gift them their painted artwork as a thank-you gift.
  2. Kids can say thank you through presenting a paper turkey to family members. Creating beautiful paper turkeys will keep your kids engage throughout the process. And when they gift this paper turkey to their family members as a token of love, this will inspire them to be more positive and practice gratitude regularly.
  3. Let your kids read, write and draw thanksgiving understanding into the crafts

Inspire your kids to draw the pine cones which are symbolic of Human enlightenment on their artworks. This will encourage them to become more focused for their works with a focused mind.  

So let your children step towards light and educate them to pay their gratitude towards positive happenings around them.   

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