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Never throw them away; how to save your kids artwork!


Kids often create an enormous amount of artwork at home. And then there is the huge volume of school artwork they come home with. Keeping it all would be overwhelming. Sometimes, people throw them away due to the lack of space or other reasons. But do you ever think that throwing them away is a good option? Of course, not! Their artwork reflects their creativity, emotions, the level of thinking, and much more.

Rather than throwing them away, you can search different ideas to keep them safe and organised. We agree that there can be some unnecessary drawings or paintings that you don’t want to store. You can select the most precious pieces among them to keep them safe for a long time. They can help you and your kids’ in reminding their childhood memories in future. But from a huge collection, it is difficult to decide which things to keep. Here, we’ll give you some suggestions that can surely help you what to save and what to toss.

Eliminate Duplicates

As we all know, kids draw the same thing over and over again. How many nearly identical pictures of cats or superheroes do you need? Consider just keeping representative samples done over the years, which show how your child’s art has evolved. Pick the cutest and attractive ones and toss the others. This is a great way to save some innovative pieces of your child artwork.

Ask your children what to keep

Parents often have more difficulty in parting with the art than their children do. Your children may have their own ideas about what is worth saving. If a particular piece is especially meaningful to your child, it’s probably a keeper.

Choose original art

The drawings your children create out of their imagination will be more meaningful than those where they just filled in the colors in a coloring book. So just keep the imaginative pieces.

Make a photo book of your kids’ artwork

You can also create a photo book of their extraordinary artwork. Choose only the appropriate ones and then stick them into the photo book because too many papers can take away the joy. In future, your kids really enjoy seeing a representative sample of the artwork they did as children.

All parents want to be a good collector of memories and important things related to their children. And a collection of their precious artwork is a special way to restore their valuable memories. If you need some more ideas for the same, you can visit our website at

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