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Making art without using color pencils!

Fall Fun

If your kids are no longer interested in sketching and painting using colored pencils then, it’s about time when you search for an alternative to color pencils. You have to make sincere efforts in order to indulge your darling kids into the world of creativity. And for that, you must look out for alternative styles of paintings which could again attract your kids towards art.

There are no doubts that children love craft and paint. But, they also need some guidelines to put their best efforts into designing finest works of art.

And, who could guide a kid better than his parents! So, motivate them and make sure to frame their previous paintings and drawings because this way will make them realize their own ability to create new artworks. Well, if you have just thought, to take out a printed version of your lovely kid’s first artwork, then you can directly come to us at We would be glad to help you.  

Here are the Alternative ideas of creating paintings apart from colored pencils.

Colorful artwork from leftovers

What you think about introducing an another form of artwork to your kid? Cool! So without wasting a second bring out the leftover of previous art creations such as colorful pieces of wool, paper, and other usable accessories of craft painting.

Firstly, gather all the essentials into your box and sit with your naughty hero. Now, start a world of creation and indulge your kid secretively into it.

Let them cut their desired shapes from hard papers and color papers. Now guide them to use colorful pieces of wool, pasta to add creativity and fun to their final project.  

An artwork of raw material

Alternative ways whether it is using only rough material or using raw food material (like pasta, pulses) are excellent for creating truly outstanding and unique arts and crafts. These materials are very easy to use. You can teach your kids to arrange them into unique ways.

Art and Craft

Art and craft happens to be the best way to indulge your kids into the world of art. They can learn various tricks to make beautiful and attractive frames from the assemblage of the most random objects.  

So, make your kid’s childhood days more special by teaching them how to use artworks and colored papers.

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