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Arts & crafts for kids: 4+1 awesome ways to make a snowman

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There is a magic in the world of arts and colors. It gives a scope of expression to an individual and also encourages him to express his feeling through art and paints.

Creativity is just not limited to paints and colors, as one can explore a massive amount of creativeness using crafts. Yes, crafting is a new mechanism in the market which beautifully educates a child to touch more levels of sculpture, art and artistic quality.     

Today, we will learn how we can make a snowman with the help of art. Art for kids is not restricted with only a few ways and tricks, but it contains an ocean of ideas. Here are top 5 ways that you can use to make a crafted snowman of your choice.

Use cotton balls on paper and crayons to color it best

Let your kids use their experience of making snowman from the Christmas celebration and design a beautiful snowman of colors on their own. For better appearance, you must use paper round dollies and crayons.  

You can use your socks to design your own snowman

You can also motivate your children to make a snowman of socks. Clean white socks filled with craft sand would perfectly serve your need to make the best snowman of your desire. Your kid may use socks and fill craft sand into it to make a perfect statue of a snowman.  

Build with clay

Clay could also serve your purpose of designing your own crafted snowman. Clay would give perfect shape and size to your snowman.

You may also make and bake snowman cookies with white frosting

For better understanding, you may also bake some yummy cookies for your kids. It will inspire your kids to learn more ethics of making a snowman.  

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Let them build a real snowman

This would be an amazing task for your kids, as it will improvise your kid’s sense of natural ethics and attract them more towards natural beauty.

So, this is how you can make a better snowman of your kids’ choice. And could also save it in an app.

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