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7 creative ideas to show off your kids’ artwork

Family with new house drawing

There is no doubt about the fact that most kids love to create drawings. Most parents love to store their kids’ artwork.

But rather than just storing them in a safe box, have you ever thought about what else can you do with their craftwork? Do you ever think that your kids’ art projects deserve special recognition than just storing? If no then don’t worry. It is important to do so because it will encourage your kids and also build their interest in art and crafts. In kidz artistry special edition, we offer some creative ideas on how to show off your children’s art to others.

Turn it into a book

An interesting way to showcase your kids’ artwork is to make a book of their drawings. Firstly scan the art pieces of your kids’ artwork and then arrange them in a book. It is a great idea to show their artworks to your family and friends when they visit your home.

Make it a T-shirt design

As you know, when your kids draw, they add their own fantasy in their works. Print it on a shirt to make it more classic. When you print that design on a shirt, it will really make your kids realize that you really appreciate their artwork and they will feel happy and motivated.

Make a collage

You can also make a collage of their creativity. Just pick some art pieces, cut them in pieces and then join them together to form a collage. Hang that collage on your drawing room’s wall.

Print it on your kids’ bag

Another idea to showcase kids’ artwork is just turn it into a tote bag for school. Through this way, they can share their artworks with their friends at school.

Make placemats crafts for your children

You can either make placemats to show off your child’s artwork. There are different types of placemats. Select some designs and create your own placemats to show them to all.

Gift it

This is the most interesting idea to get a number of uses out of your kids’ drawings. Just cut the artwork into your gift tags, stationery, note cards, and gift covers. You can send cheer to others by using your kid’s artwork.

Frame it

Great choice for preserving and showing your kids’ artwork in front of others. Just frame a special piece of artwork and then hang it in any space of your home. You can also present it as a gift.

Those were some unique ideas to show off your kids’ creative artwork. For more information about, you can visit our official website at  If you have some other ideas then you can upload them on our website too.

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