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5 things you can learn from your kids’ artwork

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Kids just draw whatever comes in their minds. They simply draw things using their own imagination and perspective. You can assess the mood of your kids by simply watching their artwork. In simple words, your kids’ creative artwork is the reflection of their inner world. Inner world means whatever they think about the things that exist around them and what they exactly think about them. You can learn many things about your children by observing their art.


  • How they draw figures: There is difference what boys and girls like to draw. When you see closely then you realize what and how boys and girls draw. For example, it is proven that over the age of 4 or 5, girls usually draw only small and big round shapes whereas boys draw angles, straighter lines, and many other similar figures. They prefer to draw their own gender.
  • What colors they use: Researchers have proved that girls use more colors than boys to make their paintings. Girls go with warmer colors like pink whereas boys prefer cooler colors like blue. The choices of dark and light colors represent their feelings. For example, purple and black represent negative feelings, red shows excitement; blue represents a need for appreciation and love, and much more.
  • Their art represents their mood: From their drawings you can get an idea about your kids’ moods. They draw different faces and express their feelings. You can judge their happiness, sadness, anger, and various other emotions just by taking a look at their artworks.
  • Represent their hard work: The simplicity and detailed description of their art pieces represent the interest and hard work of your children in this field. When they draw an art piece they add a lot of important details into them. A simple or detailed piece of art displays his/her character and curiosity.
  • Represent their style: Every child has his/her own style and their own individual preferences. And every kid can creates a masterpiece of his their creations and thoughts. Sometimes, they represent their real life story through their work.

These are some interesting things you can know about your children from their artworks. Whatever they draw, interpret their everyday life. In simple words, the artwork of your children is the depiction of their real life facts.

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