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4 Questions to ask when buying art supplies for kids

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Imagination and creativity are the two most important skills that you can inculcate in your kids. One of the finest ways to bring out that creative side within them is to encourage them at an early stage to indulge in art and crafts both at home as well as at school. Not only will it help them see things from a different perspective, it will nourish their mind too.

Therefore, it goes without saying that one of the finest gifts parents can give to their kids is a box of kids’ art supplies. However, there are certain things you should take under consideration while doing art shopping for them. Make sure to ask yourself these questions to buy them a safe supplies kit –


Are they eco-friendly?


Whatever it is you plan on buying them, whether it’s a box of crayons, water colors, sketches, or anything else –make sure to check out that all the products are  eco-friendly. Along with ensuring healthy upbringing of your kids, you would want to be considerate of the environment too. Do not go with supplies that harm the environment by releasing harmful fumes or chemicals.


Can they be used safely from kids?


Safety and well-being of your kids should be your first priority. Everything else is secondary. Make sure that whatever art and craft supplies you are planning on buying; they are easy to open as well as use. Anything that comes with special usage instructions that may be too hard to comprehend for kids may not be a good call. Anything that comes with sharp or hard edges should be avoided.


Do they contain toxic substances/chemicals?

Kids are habitual to chewing or putting stuff in their mouth. Therefore, pay special attention to the fact that the new art supplies you are buying do not contain any toxic chemicals or harmful substances, which if ingested by the kids, could harm them. Ask the seller – what happens if kids accidentally eat them.

Lastly, remember to always watch after kids when drawing. Make sure to be their mentor and guide them through each and every step of creating art and craft. Who knows your kid might be the next Michael Angelo. If your kid ends up drawing an exceptionally great artwork, you could even get it printed and framed by bringing it to the The printed artwork of your kid could make up for an excellent gift for his/her birthday. You can even keep it as a souvenir or hang it on your house’s walls.

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